How Securing Payments for Work in Advance Benefits Tradesmen and Builders

Win More Business and Ensure You’re Paid on Time

  • Avoid bad debts; ensure the customer has the money to pay before you start
  • Reassure customers by protecting their payment and win more business
  • Ensure you will be paid on time, as you agreed with the customer up front
  • Avoid expensive and time-consuming credit checking of customers
  • Access to professional arbitration and dispute resolution services
  • Avoid cowboy home-owners and manage difficult customers

Trusty Payments are simple to use

  1. Register as a tradesman or contractor (for free)
  2. Set up your Trusty Payment online (it’s easy)
  3. The customer pays in advance
  4. When you’ve finished the job you’re paid

It’s as simple as that – really!

Start winning more business and stop bad debts
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Trusty Payments in Action

Your money is safe with a Trusty Payment. All payments are held in a HSBC account and our service provider is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Service Provider and it is registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business.

Customers can only access the money if both parties agree to release the payment. To ensure that agreement is reached there are clear guidelines and Trusty Payments are flexible enough to ensure that all eventualities can be accommodated. See more about how Trusty Payments work here.

We can offer arbitration if it is needed in the extremely rare event that a resolution cannot be reached by the parties involved themselves.

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How to use Trusty Payments

Trusty Payments have been developed by tradesmen and lifelong builders that understand the need to reassure customers to win more business. It also ensures that payments from customers are made when they are due.

To this end we will provide all registered tradesmen and contractors a Trusty Payments Badge to add to your website. This demonstrates that you offer payment protection to protect your customers – proving that you are reliable and professional.

Once you have registered, you can easily set up a Trusty Payment online by following the instructions. Or you can email the link to your customer to set it up. Then the customers pay into the Trusty Payment, and you know that you can start work. When the work has been finished (or at agreed milestones) payments will be released to you.

It really is that simple!

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