The Benefits of Securing Home Owners Payments to Avoid Rogue Traders

Don’t Risk Rogue Tradesmen

  • Only pay tradesman when you’re satisfied
  • Stay in control of costs – avoid creeping charges and extras
  • Use a free building contract
  • Follow a structured process for managing builders and tradesmen
  • Access to dispute resolution services
  • Don’t get ripped off by rogue tradesmen
  • Quality tradesmen will be happy to use Trusty Payment

Take the Risk Out of Trusting Tradesmen

Most are highly trustworthy, but this is the only way to separate a cowboy from a trusty tradesman:

  1. Set up your Trusty Payment online (it’s really easy)
  2. You pay into your Trusty Payment
  3. The tradesman does the work
  4. When you’re both happy you release the payment

Don’t get ripped off – Why take a chance with your home?

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What is a Trusty Payment

A Trusty Payment is a payment protection plan for consumers and homeowners. Your money is held safely while the work on your home is being completed. It proves to the builder or tradesman that you are going to be able to pay him, but (unless agreed) ensures that you don’t have to pay him in advance – or until you’re totally satisfied. This means that they can’t disappear with your money.

Your money is held safely with a Trusty Payment Plan. Our service provider is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Service Provider and it is registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business. Your money is held by HSBC and can only be paid out with agreement from both yourself and the tradesman who is doing the work for you. Only you and your builders/tradesman can authorise access to the money and even then only if you’re both in agreement.

You and your builder or contractor agree what is going to be done and by when, and then you add all these points to your Trusty Payment Plan. Only when all the conditions have been met do you authorise payment to the tradesman. See more about how Trusty Payments work here.

In the extremely rare event that a dispute cannot be settled, we can offer an arbitration service.

DIY Doctor and Checkatrade

Using Trusty Payments

Trusty Payments have been developed by the Team behind DIY Doctor (a free, online DIY & Home Improvement information website established in 1998). We understand the damage and heartache that rogue tradesman and cowboy builders can cause.

Payment protection from Trusty Payment is a great way to sort out the rogues from the professionals. Any professional and conscientious tradesman will have no problems using this service, as they know that they will do a job that you will be happy to pay for and therefore release the money at the end of the job. A rogue on the other hand will come up with all manner of excuses!

You need to be registered before your create your first Trusty Payment Plan, and then you follow the instructions online to set up the payment protection plan. Your tradesman or builder can set it up too, but you have to agree to it before it is completed. Once set up and you have agreed what is going to be done and by when, you need to pay the agreed amount into the Trusty Payment Plan.

You builder/contractor/tradesman then gets on with the work, happy that the money is waiting for him when the job’s done. When you’re satisfied that the work is complete, you agree to release the money.

It’s really not much effort at all to protect your money – and by going through this process your chances of successfully completing your project are much higher, because you’ve thought through all the likely issues in advance.

This sort of protection is much cheaper than you would imagine – have a look at our pricing.