Payment Security Services for Homeowners and Tradesmen – Cowboys Don’t Sign Contracts!

How Trusty Payments work:

Save yourself a lot of heartache later and protect your payment now. It is the same process for both parties (tradesman or homeowner) and really simple to protect yourself:

  1. Get agreement from the other party to go ahead. Then either party can set up your Trusty Payment.
  2. Click on the Trusty Payment link and follow the instructions.
  3. The Homeowner pays the money into the secure HSBC account
  4. The tradesman does the job, in full or in parts, to everyone’s satisfaction
  5. The money is released to the tradesman – on agreement from both parties

Home Owner Benefits:

  • Only pay builder or tradesman when you’re satisfied
  • Avoid cowboy builders
  • Access to arbitration if there are disputes
  • Free contract download
  • Fail to prepare = Prepare to fail!
  • No risk of “extras” & cost creeping up (unless agreed)
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Tradesman Benefits:

  • Avoid cowboy customers
  • Confidence customer will pay – in full
  • Secure cash-flow
  • Demonstrate professionalism to new customers
  • No bad debts
  • No need for customer credit checking
  • Ensure payment for “while you’re here, could you…” demands
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Trusty Payments Provides Payment Protection to Homeowners, Builders and Tradesman

Trusty Payments is a solution that is designed to ensure that any building job goes off without a hitch. The risk of either the home owner or the builder/tradesman leaving a job feeling “stung” in some way is surprisingly high – between 40% and 80% of homeowners have been affected in some way, depending on the study. Tradesmen also suffer missed payments. Disputes can be distracting at best and can make it impossible to pay staff and/or cause serious financial issues. When this is considered it is madness not to secure your payment to a new tradesman or from a new customer or home owner, particularly when there is a very quick and easy way to protect yourself with Trusty Payment.

By using a Trusty Payment you will have ensured the best possible chance of success with your project, be it a grand extension or a simple plumbing or electric job. By going through the process, it will help homeowners outline exactly what they want, so there are no extra requirements that creep out of the woodwork and everything is agreed in advance. Tradesmen and builders can set the expectations and inform their customers what they should expect.

Use a Building Contract with your Trusty Payment

We will give you access to a free contract to ensure protection for both parties. This is a contract that has been drawn up by tradesmen (and checked over by lawyers) so that it is fair and complete. It covers all the likely scenarios that you can expect and addresses them long before they can become an issue.

Register for Free and get your Building Contract Now!

A tradesman who uses a Trusty Payment is confident of their professionalism and will know what is required to get the job done – the cowboys simply won’t agree to any from of payment security. Similarly the tradesman needs to protect themselves from unscrupulous home-owners.

How Trusty Payments Solve Building Disputes and Arbitration

Things do go wrong. Even the very best tradesmen come across unexpected issue on jobs they thought were simple. Trusty Payment gives both the tradesman and the homeowner a framework to agree changes and if necessary create a new Trusty Payment for the extra work.

Trusty Payment follows a clear framework. This means that anything falling outside of this should be quickly identified, be it another request for more work from the homeowner or ensuring that everything is covered in the quote that you get from the tradesman or builder. The process works in a way that ensures that there are no nasty surprises – see here how a Trusty Payment works.

If there is a dispute that simply cannot be agreed with in the framework then Trusty Payment will provide you an arbitration service by experienced independent tradesman and arbitration industry professionals to ensure a fair and speedy resolution, reducing cost and heartache. This is very, very rare because by following the Trusty Payment process most issues are dealt with long before they result in acrimony.

Trusty Payment is Secure

Any money paid in to your Trusty Payment plan will be held in an HSBC account here in the UK. Our payment protection service provider is authorised and regulated by the FCA as a Payment Service Provider. The payment protection service has been registered with the HM Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business. We are fully accountable to UK and EU law and we will only operate within the UK. The only people that can authorise any update and payments from your Trusty Payment plan are the parties that agreed it – the homeowner and the tradesman or builder.

Trusty Payment cannot access your money at anytime – only if both parties agree can the money be released to whichever party you decide it should rightfully go to.

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